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We might not be perfect people, but we're perfect when we're together <3

My love. is. activated <3

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Hi:) -crickets in the background-
basically love any pairing with my ultimate bias, jjong, hence the screename, but i'm always creeping around jongkey fics, that i can promise :)
besides our SHINing SHINee i also fangirl over DBSK Yunjae and Suju Ryeowook oppa :)
I'm a random person, and i stuff in anything into my fics if i can XD
gah what am i supposed to say.

Random stuff about me:

Doesn't really game becuase she gives up after the fuss of catching up on everything and getting to saving points.

Love music. I NEED music in my life. And now my earphones are in the earphones hospital, so...basically...I NEED EARPHONES. Hates headphones.

Loves eating. She eats, and then complains to her friends that she's fat. I'm a shortie. Yea.

Black shoulder length hair, black eyes, pale skin. Thats just about how i look.

Tries at sports, but so far she's only succeeded (barely) in netball and long jumping.

She plays piano. Finally finished Grade 8. Brb having my mom force me to do the higher level exam :(

Doesn't wear makeup, doesn't own any, doesn't wear heels. She only has 3 pairs of 'regular' shoes. that's her flip flops, sneakers (acupuncture FTW!) and her school shoes.

She is addicted to ancient history history student .

She's learning korean for the sake of it.

She knows Cantonese, English, Mandarin & simple Spanish

Shawol, ELF, Cassie forever! SHINee fighting <3